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Triathlon/Multi Sports Division


WELCOME to the Triathlon/Multi Sports Division page!

As interest grew, the Triathlon Division of the Anniston Runners Club was created in 2007. This division was formed to help runners make the transition from running-only to running, swimming, and biking. In 2011, we expanded the division to include other multi sports, such as duathlons, adventure races, etc. 2017 promises to be even more exciting as more members have expressed interest in broadening their competitive resume to include swimming, biking, AND running!

Throughout the year, we will announce group training rides, runs, swims, "bricks," and training seminars, providing an opportunity for members to share training tips/advice, equipment, and travel expenses. The multi-sport approach allows athletes to train year round, avoid burn-out, work different muscle groups, and introduce themselves to a whole new community of fitness-minded, active people.

Active 2017 Tentative schedule &  REMEMBER: There is no off season!


Check out the benefits that affords members at
The biggest plus for us will be that we can register as being on a team when we enter races, and we can get insurance coverage for our training events (swim and bike).  BUT there are some changes we need to address.
1. You must be an ARC member to be a member of the ARC Tri Team.
2. You must register to be a member of the ARC Tri Team by paying an extra $5 in addition to your regular ARC dues.
3. How do you register to be on the team?  Click here for the form. Also, you can check the box on the new membership forms and pay when you renew your regular membership.

Email me if you have questions! This is an exciting step for our team!    

FACEBOOK PAGE:  Anniston Runners Tri Team page is up and running! Click below to take you to the page.

For more information, contact Mike Miller at

YMCA SWIM PASS: With your ARC membership, you can receive a YMCA Swim Pass if you request it. Contact Paula Angle, Membership Director:

Tri Team Sponser: Xterra Wetsuites -

USEFUL LINKS: - Our area's bicycle club! Meet a great group of cyclists and find out what's happening in the world of wheels. Group rides, events, etc. - The official governing body of triathlon in the USA. - The American Triathlon Calendar - Look for races! - Hosts well-run races within a short drive of us. - Just starting? Get some valuable info here.

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