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ARC Mileage Program

ARC  February 2017 ……Updated March 7,2017
Continuing on Record setting pace for January and the short month of February. Highest ever for these months!  March should be really great. We have almost 150 runners and that should bode well for setting an all time record for the month, currently May of last year.

The new procedure for Goal Setting proves to be a challenge in a short month, but March has 31, so I predict a lot of that Red will turn to Green. If you made Goal, your mileage is in: Green right on Goal:Yellow and short of Goal: Red. Stay tuned!

As we make the data come alive it becomes obvious the short month took it’s toll. 10% fewer days,10% less mileage; this is usual. One can see the effect of the short month in the Elite of the Elite. We dropped from 10 to 8 in the 200 a month runners, but running buddy Zeke Routon says he’ll be back. Just stay healthy Amigo.
 So  here are the 8: Top Runners who ran the Double:

Mahaffey,  Chris


Wayman, Meghan


Smith, Bobby


Brewer, Ken


Remsburg, Cade


Conroy, Roxana


Kelley, Robin


Barnes, Jeff


Chris has a commanding lead as Cade slacks off a bit. Notable is what I think is a first for ARC and that is our leading Lady, Meghan in second place overall. The other lady is Roxanna Conroy who is really picking it up this year.

Following our top 8 runners are 55 more runners who are on pace to earn the 1200.  So 63 Runners. I predict a resurgence to last month’s 68 for 31 day March. All these runners will earn the coveted 1200 Mile jacket or the 2017 patch indicating a repeat.

Of our top three MADx2 Runners from January, who advanced to the 1200 Mile Club? Only one. The Bullet:

Mount, Brian


No surprise, Brian has earned the Elite 7 times before!

 Now in the top 3 for MADx2:                

Talley, Robyn


LaMonica, Gwen             


Gregg, Karen


All 3 of these ladies have also earned the 1200 in the past. They are capable!

I will bet we will see at least a couple hit the mark in March.


Of our top three MAD Runners from last month, who made the 118 miles required for MADx2?

Magnum, Gina


Williamson, David


Both David and Gina are First Year Runners. This is a great Rookie year!

Now leading all MAD Runners:

Wade, Tim


Wright, Chris


Argo, Jodi


Tim was also a leader in MAD last month. Will March be the month he makes the cut?

Chris is quite capable of earning MADx2; he’s done it the last two years with as much as  whopping 993 in 2015.  Jodi is a First Year Runner, starting well!

Of our top Strivers from January who made the MAD cut of 59 miles in Feb? Two

Blackmon, Benjamin


Fort, Bill


Both Bill and Ben have mad MAD a few times.  In fact,  Bill has achieved MAD 6 years, Ben 2….I’ll say they repeat.

Now leading all the Strivers:

Usry, Amy


Parham, Joe


Hawbaker, Maryellen


Amy and son Joe have also made MAD before and Maryellen is a First Year Runner.

Good luck for making the cut in March.

Finally ….. Per our bylaws: Most Improved is awarded to the ARC runner whose current year mileage divided by the previous year is highest among all participating in the ARC mileage program. Participation for two full years is required, including ARC membership and monthly reporting for ARC Mileage.

This is our third year for this award. Who will follow in the footsteps of Paige Powers (2015) and Jessica Pontero (2016). We have the same three runners as last month and like last month………one of whom I may have to recuse due to nepotism (LOL!) These Runners are Joe Parham with 3.4 times his 2016 average, Shannon Maddox at 2.2, and Leah Stuart at 2.4. Keep it up Runners!

To all runners at the top of the categories, AND everybody else, may you all first and foremost stay healthy in 2017 and

 Run Like a Kid, Report Like a Pro!

Alphabetical 2017
Award Levels 2017

To join the ARC Mileage Program, just Email me ( with your mileage  in the first week by the 7th of each month.  Books are closed and a narrative summary of the month is then published.

As long as you are a valid member and report EVERY month, your miles count.  After joining, if you miss a month, you can retroactively report your miles up to 3 months and remain in the program.  Just Email me and report EVERY month with your mileage. Prompt reporting is appreciated.

What miles count?: Walking, Running, Treadmill and Elliptical.  Basically any miles achieved during a session with running/walking being the main purpose will be counted toward the mileage program totals.  Running/walking as a byproduct of another activity such as basketball, soccer, football, baseball, shopping do not count.

 All who report EVERY Month will be awarded the following:

MAD (mile a day): Anniston Runners Club Socks

Two a Day ( 730 Miles):  Anniston Runners Club Tech Visor

1200 Miles :  Jacket with patch first year achieved and merit patch each year thereafter.  

All will be awarded at our Banquet in January. See you there!

Data for runners are shown in the links above. Check for accuracy. 

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